Saturday, November 6, 2010

DE Troop Comparison: Wracks v Warriors (The Lightning Round)

I think I may have been a bit hard on the wracks. Five of them in a venom is a very durable, very cheap unit, and they're pretty decent in CC for standard troops. Liquifiers are also a plus.

I still just don't like them.

I mean, they were pretty much better than warriors at everything except ranged firepower and flexibility. Still, those two are pretty big in my book. I like fire support, torrent of fire, that sort of thing. Venoms can put out some good anti-infantry, but so can 10 warriors with a cannon.

Sure they're durable, but so what? Bringing one or two to camp objectives and/or be annoying will be a great idea, but I just don't see myself filling my troops slots with anything other than warriors. The bottom line is that warriors get great anti-infantry in all the SX, some good anti-armour in the raider's DL and a blaster for the squad if I can swing it, and if they can get their hands on a token, they can be pretty durable themselves. They offer me flexibility to do whatever is needed to be done.

But wracks can take a raider instead of a venom. So, what, I give up most of the ranged anti-infantry in the army for a couple of dark lances? Think I'll pass on that one.

No, despite the favorable numbers, wracks still just aren't doing it for me. I think my list will be:

10Warriors - SC - Raider + Shields
10Warriors - SC - Raider + Shields
10Warriors - SC - Raider + Shields
10Warriors - SC - Raider + Shields
5Wracks - Liquifier - Venom + SC

That CC harassment unit I had before in the wyches, I think I've found something else to cover. I'll go into it more a little bit down the road.

P.S. - WOO! DE launch day! Can't wait to get off work to go pick up some stuff at the FLGS.


  1. I still plan to take a haemonculus. They're just too good and cheap not to have at least one of to give something FNP at the start.